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Auxin response factors or ARFs are a recently discovered family of transcription factors that bind with specificity to auxin response elements (AuxREs) in promoters of primary or early auxin-responsive genes. ARFs have an amino-terminal DNA-binding domain related to the carboxyl-terminal DNA-binding domain in the maize transactivator VIVIPAROUS1. All but one ARF identified to date contain a carboxyl-terminal protein-protein interaction domain that forms a putative amphipathic alpha-helix. A similar carboxyl-terminal protein-protein interaction domain is found in the Aux/IAA class of auxin-inducible proteins. Some ARFs contain transcriptional activation domains while others contain repression domains. ARFs appear to play a pivotal role in auxin-regulated gene expression of primary response genes.
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Protein Name
Gene Name
Gene Id
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DNA Binding Preferences
Binding SiteNFM
in TFome
ZmARF1GRMZM2G169820VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF2GRMZM2G153233VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF4GRMZM2G034840VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF5GRMZM5G808366VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF6GRMZM2G122614VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF7GRMZM2G475263VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF8GRMZM2G352159VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF9GRMZM2G073750 Available
ZmARF10GRMZM2G338259VIEW (2)
ZmARF11GRMZM2G056120VIEW (1)
ZmARF12GRMZM2G437460VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF13GRMZM2G378580VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF14GRMZM2G137413VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF15GRMZM2G081406VIEW (2)
ZmARF16GRMZM2G028980VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF17GRMZM2G159399VIEW (1)
ZmARF18GRMZM2G035405VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF19AC207656.3_FG002VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF20GRMZM2G102845VIEW (1)
ZmARF21GRMZM2G390641VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF22GRMZM2G089640VIEW (2)
ZmARF23GRMZM2G441325VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF24GRMZM2G030710VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF25GRMZM2G116557VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF26GRMZM5G874163VIEW (1)
ZmARF27GRMZM2G160005VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF28GRMZM2G006042VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF29GRMZM2G086949VIEW (2)
ZmARF30GRMZM2G475882VIEW (1)
ZmARF31GRMZM2G023813VIEW (1) Available
ZmARF32GRMZM2G181254VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF33GRMZM2G179121VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF34GRMZM2G081158VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF35GRMZM2G317900VIEW (1)
ZmARF36GRMZM2G702026VIEW (2) Available
ZmARF38GRMZM2G005284VIEW (1)
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