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Aux/IAA genes are genes that code for small nuclear proteins, 18 to 35-kD. These proteins function as transcriptional repressors by dimerizing with Auxin response factors (ARFs) that reside on auxin responsive promoter elements (AuxREs). Most Aux/IAA proteins have four conserved domains, I-IV. Domain I is an active repression domain with a conserved LxLxL motif that is important for conferring repression. Domain II interacts with an F-box protein TIR1, a component of the SCFTIR1 ubiquitin ligase complex. Auxin increases this interaction in a dose-dependent manner, promoting the rapid degradation of Aux/IAA proteins through the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. Mutations in this domain result in increased stability of the Aux/IAA protein and increased repression of the AuxRE. Domains III and IV have a similar amino acid sequence to motifs III and IV found in the C-terminal domains of ARF proteins, and these motifs mediate dimerization between Aux/IAA and ARF proteins (PMID:14742873).
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Protein Name
Gene Name
Gene Id
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DNA Binding Preferences
Binding SiteNFM
in TFome
ZmIAA1 GRMZM2G079957 Available
ZmIAA2 GRMZM2G159285 Available
ZmIAA3 GRMZM5G809195 Available
ZmIAA4 GRMZM2G104176 Available
ZmIAA5 GRMZM2G004696 Available
ZmIAA6 GRMZM2G074742 Available
ZmIAA7 GRMZM2G138268 Available
ZmIAA8 GRMZM2G167794 Available
ZmIAA9 GRMZM2G057067 Available
ZmIAA10 GRMZM2G037368 Available
ZmIAA11 GRMZM2G059544 Available
ZmIAA12 GRMZM2G142768 Available
ZmIAA13 GRMZM2G152796 Available
ZmIAA14 GRMZM2G077356 Available
ZmIAA15 GRMZM2G128421 Available
ZmIAA16 GRMZM2G121309 Available
ZmIAA17 GRMZM2G030465 Available
ZmIAA18 GRMZM2G000158 Available
ZmIAA19 GRMZM2G079200 Available
ZmIAA20 GRMZM5G864847 Available
ZmIAA21 GRMZM2G147243 Available
ZmIAA22 GRMZM2G141205 Available
ZmIAA23 GRMZM2G074427 Available
ZmIAA24 GRMZM2G149449 Available
ZmIAA25 GRMZM2G115357 Available
ZmIAA26 GRMZM2G048131 Available
ZmIAA27 GRMZM2G130953 Available
ZmIAA28 GRMZM2G035465 Available
ZmIAA29 GRMZM2G163848 Available
ZmIAA30 GRMZM2G001799 Available
ZmIAA31 GRMZM2G134517 Available
ZmIAA32 GRMZM2G366373 Available
ZmIAA33 GRMZM2G359924 Available
ZmIAA34 GRMZM2G031615 Available
ZmIAA37GRMZM2G143352 Available
ZmIAA38GRMZM2G148188 Available
ZmIAA44GRMZM5G853479 Available
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