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Information about BSD family
The BSD domain is an average of 60 amino acids, characterized by three predicted alpha helices, which probably form a three-helical bundle, as well as by conserved tryptophan and phenylalanine residues, located at the C terminus of the domain. It is found preceding BTB domains, a protein protein interaction domain often found in transcription factors, suggesting a possible DNA binding role (PMID:119435360) as well as U-box domains (PMID:119435360, PMID:15772280). The BSD domain was first identified by a computational analysis in the BTF2-like transcription factor (Yeast), synapse-associated (Drosophila) and DOS2-like (Yeast) proteins, more recently, in Arabidopsis, the N-terminus region of the AtBSD1 protein has been proposed as a transcriptional activator after a yeast transcriptional activity assay (Park, J et al., 2009).
Pubmed Links: 119435360     119435360     15772280     

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