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Information about C2C2-Dof family
Dof proteins are members of a major family of plant transcription factors. The proteins have similar DNA-binding properties because of the highly conserved DNA-binding domain. However recent studies are disclosing their diverse roles in gene expression when associated with plant-specific phenomena including light phytohormone and defense responses seed development and germination. Based on the structural diversity indicated by the complete catalog of Arabidopsis Dof proteins Dof genes appear to have evolved multiple times preceding and paralleling the diversification of angiosperms. Such gene multiplication might have led to the functional diversification of Dof proteins proceeding differently in distinct plant species.
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Protein Name
Gene Name
Gene Id
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DNA Binding Preferences
Binding SiteNFM
in TFome
ZmDOF1AC155434.2_FG006VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF2dof2GRMZM2G009406VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF3pbf1GRMZM2G146283 Available
ZmDOF4IDP472GRMZM2G327189VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF5GRMZM5G880268VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF6GRMZM2G089949VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF7GRMZM2G378490VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF9GRMZM2G449950VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF10GRMZM2G435475VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF11GRMZM2G123900VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF12GRMZM2G178767VIEW (1)
ZmDOF13GRMZM2G456452VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF14GRMZM2G134545VIEW (1)
ZmDOF15GRMZM2G451771 Available
ZmDOF16GRMZM2G089850VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF17GRMZM2G114998VIEW (2)
ZmDOF18GRMZM2G131897VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF19GRMZM2G135703VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF20GRMZM2G371058 Available
ZmDOF21GRMZM2G162749VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF22GRMZM2G171852VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF23GRMZM2G010290VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF24GRMZM2G084130VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF25GRMZM2G108865VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF26GRMZM2G061292VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF27GRMZM2G017470VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF28GRMZM2G093725VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF29GRMZM2G140694VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF30AC233935.1_FG005VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF31GRMZM2G144188VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF32GRMZM2G011832VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF33GRMZM2G144172VIEW (2)
ZmDOF34GRMZM2G064655VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF35GRMZM2G179069VIEW (2)
ZmDOF36GRMZM2G137502VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF37GRMZM2G394973VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF38GRMZM2G042218VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF39GRMZM2G045678VIEW (1)
ZmDOF40GRMZM2G138455VIEW (2) Available
ZmDOF41GRMZM2G142718VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF42GRMZM2G394941VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF43GRMZM2G589696VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF44AC209819.3_FG009VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF45GRMZM2G082490VIEW (1) Available
ZmDOF46GRMZM2G176063VIEW (1)
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