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The CCCH (C3H) zinc finger motif is a nucleic acid binding motif that is described in proteins with diverse functions in many different pathways in plants. A typical CCCH protein usually contains 1-6 CCCH-type zinc finger motifs. Based on the different numbers of amino acid spacers between cysteines and histidines in the CCCH motif, a consensus sequence for these motifs was defined as C-X4-15-C-X4-6-C-X3-H (X represents any amino acid) based on the whole-genome analysis of rice and Arabidopsis CCCH proteins. The domain has been shown in proteins that bind to single stranded DNA and RNA (PMC:3391233).
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Gene Name
Gene Id
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DNA Binding Preferences
Binding SiteNFM
in TFome
ZmC3H1GRMZM2G119640VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H2GRMZM2G306357VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H3GRMZM2G149347 Available
ZmC3H4GRMZM2G025014VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H5GRMZM2G395842VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H6GRMZM2G086614VIEW (1)
ZmC3H7GRMZM2G117007VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H8GRMZM2G315515VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H9GRMZM5G830949VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H10GRMZM2G147623VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H11GRMZM2G146514VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H12GRMZM2G069009VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H13GRMZM2G087032VIEW (1)
ZmC3H14GRMZM2G150262VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H15GRMZM2G099622VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H16GRMZM2G071034VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H17GRMZM2G180979VIEW (1)
ZmC3H18GRMZM2G151689VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H19GRMZM2G100794VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H20GRMZM2G311665VIEW (1)
ZmC3H21GRMZM2G157927 Available
ZmC3H22GRMZM2G422205VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H23GRMZM2G475017VIEW (2)
ZmC3H24GRMZM2G005126VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H25GRMZM5G849788VIEW (1)
ZmC3H26GRMZM2G110402VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H27GRMZM5G845366VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H28GRMZM2G036837VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H29GRMZM2G089050VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H30GRMZM2G123876 Available
ZmC3H31GRMZM2G305582VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H32GRMZM5G842019VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H33AC233871.1_FG008 Available
ZmC3H34GRMZM2G037200VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H35GRMZM2G086994VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H36GRMZM2G031827VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H37GRMZM2G171942VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H38GRMZM2G056920 Available
ZmC3H39GRMZM5G801627VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H40GRMZM2G177229 Available
ZmC3H41GRMZM2G427438VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H42GRMZM2G024655VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H43GRMZM2G164359VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H45GRMZM2G003424VIEW (2)
ZmC3H46GRMZM2G039889 Available
ZmC3H47GRMZM2G173124VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H48GRMZM2G044004VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H49GRMZM2G107491VIEW (2) Available
ZmC3H50GRMZM2G346113VIEW (1)
ZmC3H51GRMZM2G068476VIEW (1)
ZmC3H52GRMZM2G124476VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H53GRMZM2G020928VIEW (1) Available
ZmC3H54GRMZM2G006493VIEW (2) Available
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