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Information about DBP family
DNA binding protein phosphatase (DBP) is a highly conserved plant motif involved in sequence-specific DNA binding. These factors all have a PP2C (protein phosphatase 2C class) C-terminal catalytic domain and sequence alignment of the N-terminal region of the identified DBP-like factors describes the existence of a conserved domain, comprising a motif almost invariant in all the aligned sequences from all angiosperms, characterized by an N-terminal core F(L,V)PX(L,V,I)RSGXWSD DNA-binding motif. Sequences within the very N-terminus are more divergent, but do keep significant similarity within taxa, and might confer functional specificity. The phosphatase activity of these transcription factors enables cells to rapidly and reversibly modulate transcription factor function in response to signaling stimuli (PMID:15710688).
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