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The plant-specific LBD (Lateral Organ Boundaries Domain) gene family is essential in the regulation of plant lateral organ development and are involved in almost all aspects of plant development, including embryo, root, leaf, and inflorescence development, as the regulation of anthocyanin and nitrogen metabolism. These genes participate in the definition of the boundary that separates lateral organs from adjacent tissue. LBD proteins contain a characteristic LOB domain composed of a C-motif required for DNA-binding which contains four perfectly conserved cysteine (C) residues in a CX2CX6CX3C motif where X are residues that are not conserved, a conserved glycine residue, and a leucine-zipper-like sequence that includes five hydrophobic amino acids (valine, isoleucine, leucine) separated by six variable amino acid residues as a probable protein dimerization domain required for PPIs (protein protein interactions). Phylogenetic reconstructions of the Arabidopsis, rice and maize LBD genes suggest two major classes of LBD genes which are characterized by the presence (class I) or absence (class II) of functional leucine-zipper-like domains. The majority of LBD genes belong to class I. LOB domain proteins are suggested to act as transcription factors based on their nuclear localization and their capacity to bind to the DNA motif 5' GCGGCG 3' (PMID:20961800).
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Protein Name
Gene Name
Gene Id
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DNA Binding Preferences
Binding SiteNFM
in TFome
ZmLBD1GRMZM2G092483 Available
ZmLBD2GRMZM2G092542 Available
ZmLBD4GRMZM2G021095 Available
ZmLBD5GRMZM2G060544 Available
ZmLBD6GRMZM2G044902 Available
ZmLBD7GRMZM2G076327 Available
ZmLBD8GRMZM2G132667 Available
ZmLBD9AC217910.3_FG006 Available
ZmLBD10GRMZM2G154320 Available
ZmLBD11GRMZM2G017319 Available
ZmLBD12GRMZM2G447176 Available
ZmLBD13GRMZM2G011385 Available
ZmLBD14GRMZM2G177110 Available
ZmLBD15AC207888.3_FG009 Available
ZmLBD16AC233943.1_FG002 Available
ZmLBD17GRMZM2G132693 Available
ZmLBD19GRMZM2G118250 Available
ZmLBD20GRMZM2G092517 Available
ZmLBD21GRMZM2G025758 Available
ZmLBD22GRMZM2G095982 Available
ZmLBD23GRMZM2G079768 Available
ZmLBD24GRMZM2G075499 Available
ZmLBD25GRMZM2G025989 Available
ZmLBD26GRMZM2G079185 Available
ZmLBD27GRMZM2G362627 Available
ZmLBD29GRMZM2G386095 Available
ZmLBD31GRMZM2G044150 Available
ZmLBD32GRMZM2G121487 Available
ZmLBD33GRMZM2G386674 Available
ZmLBD35GRMZM5G868471 Available
ZmLBD36GRMZM2G096064 Available
ZmLBD37AC234149.1_FG002 Available
ZmLBD38GRMZM2G073044 Available
ZmLBD39AC214648.3_FG005 Available
ZmLBD40GRMZM2G133806 Available
ZmLBD42GRMZM2G150594 Available
ZmLBD44GRMZM5G873586 Available
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