Displaying LEUNIG Family from Sugarcane  
Information about LEUNIG family
LEUNIG is an Arabidopsis thaliana transcriptional co-repressor that regulates the floral homeotic gene AGAMOUS (PMID:11058164). It is a member of the GroTLE family of transcriptional co-repressors, which do not possess DNA binding motifs but repress a diverse number of target genes through targeted recruitment by site-specific DNA binding transcription factors. LUENIG accomplishes binding to site specific DNA binding trancription factors by using an adaptor protein, SEUSS (SEU). These corepressors affect this repression by interaction with A.t. Mediatior components AtMED19/SWP and AtCDK8/HEN3, as well as interaction with histone de-acetylase 19 (HDA19) (PMID:17526732).
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