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"MADS-box genes are a family of transcription factors found in plants, animals and fungi and are characterized by a conserved MADS domain. MADS-box genes have been found in all major plant lineages studied to date including green algae, mosses, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. In Arabidopsis, MADS-box genes can be divided into three groups: Type I and Type II MADS box genes and MADS-like genes. Type II MADS box genes in plants can be further subdivided into the MIKCC and MIKC* types (reviewed in (Becker and Theissen, 2003)). Type I MADS-box genes contain a conserved MADS-box gene, but lack the relatively conserved I and K and highly divergent C domains found in the Type II MIKC type MADS-box genes.
Function has been characterized for less than one fifth of the members of the MADS-box gene family. However, in recent years several thorough expression and evolutionary studies have been published investigating the underlying similarities and differences among these genes, especially the TYPE II MIKCC genes.
Among the TYPE II MIKC genes there have been approximately 19 genes that have been functionally characterized. These genes include many of the so called floral MADS-box genes (Theissen et al., 2000). These genes, along with other genes that have been less well characterized but are hypothesized to preferentially affect floral organ development, includes AGAMOUS (AG), AGL6, AGL13, APETALA1 (AP1), APETALA3 (AP3), CAULIFLOWER (CAL), PISTILLATA (PI), SEEDSTICK (STK), SEPALLATA1,2,3,4 (SEP1,2,3,4), SHATTERPROOF1 and 2 (SHP1, 2) and TRANSPARENT TESTA16 (TT16). Additionally, several genes with either identified or hypothesized function regulating floral timing and inflorescence development have been identified including AGL24, AGL27, FLOWERING LOCUS C (FLC) (also known as FLOWERING LOCUS F (FLF)), FLC1, FLC2, FLOWERING LOCUS M (FLM) (also known as MADS AFFECTING FLOWERING1 (MAF1), FRUITFUL (FUL), SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE (SVP) and SUPRESSOR OF CONSTANS (SOC1). Lastly, there are the non-floral genes, a group that mostly have currently unknown function. These genes have diverse expression that most likely reflects a multitude of function including floral development as well as root, seed, seedling, stem and leaf development. These genes include AGL12, AGL14, AGL15, AGL16, AGL17, AGL18, AGL19, AGL21 and ANR1.
In contrast to the many studies of TYPE II MIKC MADS box genes, only one Type I MADS-box gene, PHERES1 (formerly AGL37), has been investigated to date. The function of PHERES1 has not yet been described, but based on expression studies it is maternally regulated by MEDEA and appears to be involved in proper seed and embryo development (Kohler et al., 2003; Kohler et al., 2005). With the multitude of recent advances in analyses of gene expression and genomics we can expect many more studies of the pathways involving previously unidentified MADS-box genes along with functional characterization of these genes."
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Gene Name
Gene Id
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DNA Binding Preferences
Binding SiteNFM
in TFome
ZmMADS1mads1GRMZM2G171365VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS2zag2GRMZM2G160687VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS3mads3GRMZM2G072582VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS4zmm4GRMZM2G032339VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS5zag5GRMZM2G003514VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS6zmm6GRMZM2G159397VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS7zmm7GRMZM2G097059VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS8zmm8GRMZM2G102161VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS9GRMZM2G005155VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS10zap1GRMZM2G148693VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS11si1GRMZM2G139073VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS12bd1GRMZM2G160565VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS13GRMZM2G472100 Available
ZmMADS14GRMZM2G099522VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS15zmm15GRMZM2G553379VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS16zmm16GRMZM2G110153VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS17GRMZM2G337892VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS18zmm18GRMZM5G805387VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS21AC233912.1_FG001 Available
ZmMADS22GRMZM2G052045VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS24zmm24GRMZM2G087095VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS25GRMZM2G099408VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS26GRMZM2G044408 Available
ZmMADS27zmm27GRMZM2G135018 Available
ZmMADS28GRMZM2G128953VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS29zmm29GRMZM2G152862VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS30GRMZM2G069370 Available
ZmMADS31zmm31GRMZM2G071620VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS32GRMZM2G105387VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS33GRMZM2G459864 Available
ZmMADS34GRMZM2G137510VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS35AGAMOUSGRMZM2G359952VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS36GRMZM2G079727VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS37zag1GRMZM2G052890VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS38GRMZM2G334225 Available
ZmMADS39GRMZM2G055782VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS40GRMZM2G441115VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS41GRMZM2G018589VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS42GRMZM2G375707VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS43GRMZM2G001139VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS45GRMZM2G117961VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS46GRMZM2G306610 Available
ZmMADS47GRMZM2G099577VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS49GRMZM2G129034VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS50GRMZM2G038878VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS51GRMZM2G161666VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS53GRMZM2G035092VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS56zagl1GRMZM2G026223VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS57GRMZM2G470857 Available
ZmMADS59AC234185.1_FG006 Available
ZmMADS62GRMZM5G878490VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS63GRMZM2G032905VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS64GRMZM5G853066VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS65AC212823.4_FG003VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS66GRMZM5G839969VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS67GRMZM2G147716VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS68GRMZM2G059102VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS69GRMZM2G171650VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS70GRMZM5G891280VIEW (2) Available
ZmMADS71GRMZM2G110582VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS73GRMZM2G046885 Available
ZmMADS74GRMZM5G814279VIEW (1) Available
ZmMADS76GRMZM2G070034VIEW (2) Available
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