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"The cycloidea (cyc) and teosinte branched 1 (tb1) genes code for structurally related proteins implicated in the evolution of key morphological traits. However, the biochemical function of CYC and TB1 proteins remains to be demonstrated. To address this problem, we have analysed the predicted secondary structure of regions conserved between CYC and TB1, and looked for related proteins of known function. One of the conserved regions is predicted to form a non-canonical basic-Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLP) structure. This domain is also found in two rice DNA-binding proteins, PCF1 and PCF2, where it has been shown to be involved in DNA-binding and dimerization. This indicates that the conserved domain most probably defines a new family of transcription factors, which we have termed the TCP family after its first characterised members (TB1, CYC and PCFs). Other plant proteins of unknown function also belong to this family. We have studied two of these in Arabidopsis and have shown that they are expressed in rapidly growing floral primordia. This, together with the proposed involvement of cyc and tb1 in influencing meristem growth, suggests that many members of the TCP family may affect cell division. Some of these genes may have been recruited during plant evolution to generate new morphological traits."
(Taken from AGRIS)

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Gene Name
Gene Id
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DNA Binding Preferences
Binding SiteNFM
in TFome
ZmTCP1teosinte branched1AC233950.1_FG002VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP2GRMZM2G003944VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP3GRMZM2G110242VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP4GRMZM2G445944VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP5GRMZM2G115516VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP6AC190734.2_FG003 Available
ZmTCP7GRMZM2G035944 Available
ZmTCP8GRMZM2G092214VIEW (2) Available
ZmTCP10GRMZM2G142751VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP11GRMZM2G166687VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP12GRMZM2G093895VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP13GRMZM2G359599VIEW (1)
ZmTCP14GRMZM2G465091VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP15GRMZM2G060319VIEW (2) Available
ZmTCP16GRMZM2G178603VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP17GRMZM2G458087VIEW (1)
ZmTCP18GRMZM2G064628VIEW (2)
ZmTCP19AC199782.5_FG003VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP20GRMZM2G034638VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP21GRMZM2G107031VIEW (1)
ZmTCP22GRMZM2G135461VIEW (1)
ZmTCP23GRMZM2G120151VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP24GRMZM2G015037VIEW (1)
ZmTCP25GRMZM2G078077VIEW (1)
ZmTCP26GRMZM2G077755VIEW (2) Available
ZmTCP27GRMZM2G414114VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP28GRMZM2G062711VIEW (2) Available
ZmTCP29GRMZM2G148022VIEW (2)
ZmTCP30GRMZM2G166946VIEW (2) Available
ZmTCP31GRMZM2G089638VIEW (2) Available
ZmTCP33AC205574.3_FG006VIEW (2)
ZmTCP35GRMZM2G055024VIEW (1)
ZmTCP36GRMZM2G424261VIEW (1)
ZmTCP37GRMZM2G088440VIEW (1)
ZmTCP38GRMZM2G180568VIEW (1)
ZmTCP39GRMZM2G170232VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP40GRMZM2G096610VIEW (2) Available
ZmTCP41GRMZM2G416524VIEW (1) Available
ZmTCP43GRMZM2G020805VIEW (1)
ZmTCP44GRMZM2G089361VIEW (1)
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