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Information about mTERF family
The mitochondrial termination factor family (mTERF) were thought in animal models to be comprised of DNA-binding regulators of mitochondrial transcription.More recently, they have been recognized as important players in organellar gene expression not necessarily acting as transcription factors,but rather blocking transcription acting in antisense or by playing a role in ribosomal biogenesis (PMID:25582570). Angiosperms have the highest number of mTERFs out of all eukaryotes and expansion of the family has been proposed to be important to the evolution of land plants (PMID:23087700).For instance, Arabidopsis thaliana has 35 mTERF proteins, 17 of which are mitochondrial targeted, 11 of which are chloroplastic,and 1 that was localized in the cytoplasm (PMID:21464319).Molecular mechanisms for mTERFs action in plants is not yet fully understood, but for few mTERFs (two in Arabidopsis and one in Maize) a molecular function as splicing factors have been characterized (one in chloroplasts ZmMTERF4, encoded by the gene GRMZM2G029933; and two in mitochondria AtMTERF4 and AtMTERF15, encoded by the genes At4g02990 and At1g74120 respectively) (PMID:24500208) (PMID:25402171).
Pubmed Links: 25582570     23087700     21464319     24500208     25402171     

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Protein Name
Gene Name
Gene Id
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DNA Binding Preferences
Binding SiteNFM
in TFome
ZmMTERF1GRMZM2G168665 Available
ZmMTERF2GRMZM2G061542 Available
ZmMTERF3GRMZM2G034217 Available
ZmMTERF5GRMZM2G159766 Available
ZmMTERF6GRMZM2G170137 Available
ZmMTERF7GRMZM2G087679 Available
ZmMTERF8GRMZM2G060114 Available
ZmMTERF9GRMZM2G130773 Available
ZmMTERF10GRMZM2G177019 Available
ZmMTERF11GRMZM2G023257 Available
ZmMTERF13GRMZM2G312806 Available
ZmMTERF14GRMZM2G000610 Available
ZmMTERF15GRMZM2G119921 Available
ZmMTERF16GRMZM2G395850 Available
ZmMTERF17GRMZM2G024550 Available
ZmMTERF18GRMZM2G017355 Available
ZmMTERF19GRMZM2G017429 Available
ZmMTERF21GRMZM2G161146 Available
ZmMTERF22GRMZM2G012999 Available
ZmMTERF25GRMZM2G142150 Available
ZmMTERF26GRMZM2G062910 Available
ZmMTERF27GRMZM2G325350 Available
ZmMTERF29GRMZM2G068462 Available
ZmMTERF30GRMZM2G157716 Available
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