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Information about p15 (PC4,Sub1) family
p15 mediates the effects of several distinct activators on transcription in vitro in mammals. Functional deletion analyses revealed a bipartite structure of p15 comprising an amino-terminal regulatory domain and a carboxy-terminal cryptic DNA-binding domain. The activity of p15 is controlled by protein kinases that target the regulatory domain. Structural and functional similarities, including sequence homology to domains essential for cofactor function, cofactor activity, promiscuity with respect to transcriptional activators, and interactions with components of the basal transcription machinery, relate this novel cellular cofactor to viral immediate-early transcriptional regulators (PMID:8062392). The protein has ssDNA binding activity, and has been shown to recruit to induced DNA damage sites. It is involved in the initial steps of the response of mammalian cells to DNA damage, and may facilitate subsequent steps in DNA repair (PMID:19047459).
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