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FHY3 (far red elongated hypocotyl) and FAR1 (Far red-impaired response) are transcription factors that have separable DNA binding and transcriptional activation domains that are highly conserved in Mutator-like transposases, act as transcription factors essential for activating the expression by directly binding to a CACGCGC motif present in the promoters of FHY1 and FHL (for FHY1-like), whose products are required for light-induced phytochrome A nuclear accumulation and subsequent light responses. FHY3, FAR1, and Mutator-like transposases also share a similar domain structure, including an N-terminal C2H2 zinc finger domain, a central putative core transposase domain, and a C-terminal SWIM motif (named after SWI2/SNF and MuDR transposases, of the sequence CxCxnCXH, where x stands for any amino acid residue). The N-terminal C2H2 domain has been shown to be involved in direct DNA-binding, while the transposase domain and C-terminal SWIM motif are required for transcriptional activity (PMID:18715961).

Protein Name
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Gene Locus Synonym/
Gene Name
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ZmFARL1 GRMZM2G001663 FARL1 View in Browser
ZmFARL2 GRMZM2G463730 FARL2 View in Browser
ZmFARL3 GRMZM2G155980 FARL3 View in Browser
ZmFARL4 GRMZM2G083374 FARL4 View in Browser
ZmFARL5 GRMZM2G034868 FARL5 View in Browser
ZmFARL6 GRMZM2G302323 FARL6 pUT4542 View in Browser
ZmFARL7 GRMZM2G043250 FARL7 View in Browser
ZmFARL8 GRMZM2G117108 FARL8 View in Browser
ZmFARL9 GRMZM2G106653 FARL9 View in Browser
ZmFARL10 GRMZM2G406651 FARL10 pUT4443 View in Browser
ZmFARL11 GRMZM2G048987 FARL11 View in Browser
ZmFARL12 GRMZM2G129311 FARL12 pUT5671 View in Browser
ZmFARL13 GRMZM2G114461 FARL13 pUT1768 View in Browser
ZmFARL14 GRMZM2G148940 FARL14 View in Browser
ZmFARL15 GRMZM2G104268 FARL15 View in Browser