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Heat shock factors (HSF) are the transcriptional activators of the heat shock response. The conversion of constitutively expressed HSF to a form that can bind DNA requires the trimerization of the protein, involving leucine zipper interactions as shown for yeast, Drosophila, chicken and human HSFs. Like other metazoan HSFs, the endogenous Arabidopsis HSF displays heat shock-inducible DNA-binding activity in gel retardation assays. The heat shock-inducible binding of a recombinant Arabidopsis HSF (ATHSF1) expressed in Arabidopsis plants suggests that ATHSF1 is the major heat shock factor regulating the heat stress response. However, on transient expression in Drosophila and human cells, ATHSF1 fails to exhibit proper regulation, as demonstrated by constitutive binding to DNA, and by constitutive expression of a chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT) reporter gene under the control of the Drosophila hsp70 promoter. These results suggest that the regulation of ATHSF1 is normally dependent on a specific factor that inhibits the DNA-binding and transcriptional activities under non-heat shock conditions.

Protein Name
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OsHSF1 LOC_Os01g39020 View in Browser
OsHSF2 LOC_Os01g43590 View in Browser
OsHSF3 LOC_Os01g53220 View in Browser
OsHSF4 LOC_Os01g54550 View in Browser
OsHSF5 LOC_Os02g13800 View in Browser
OsHSF6 LOC_Os02g29340 View in Browser
OsHSF7 LOC_Os02g32590 View in Browser
OsHSF8 LOC_Os03g06630 View in Browser
OsHSF9 LOC_Os03g12370 View in Browser
OsHSF10 LOC_Os03g25120 View in Browser
OsHSF11 LOC_Os03g53340 View in Browser
OsHSF12 LOC_Os03g58160 View in Browser
OsHSF13 LOC_Os03g63750 View in Browser
OsHSF14 LOC_Os04g48030 View in Browser
OsHSF15 LOC_Os05g45410 View in Browser
OsHSF17 LOC_Os06g35960 View in Browser
OsHSF18 LOC_Os06g36930 View in Browser
OsHSF19 LOC_Os07g08140 View in Browser
OsHSF20 LOC_Os07g44690 View in Browser
OsHSF21 LOC_Os08g36700 View in Browser
OsHSF22 LOC_Os08g43334 View in Browser
OsHSF23 LOC_Os09g28200 View in Browser
OsHSF24 LOC_Os09g28354 pUT1328 View in Browser
OsHSF25 LOC_Os09g35790 View in Browser
OsHSF26 LOC_Os10g28340 View in Browser