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The Arabidopsis thaliana SPL gene family represents a group of structurally diverse genes encoding putative transcription factors found apparently only in plants. The distinguishing characteristic of the SPL gene family is the SBP-box encoding a conserved protein domain of 76 amino acids in length, the SBP-domain, which is responsible for the interaction with DNA. We present here characterisation of 12 members of the SPL gene family. These genes show highly diverse genomic organisations and are found scattered over the Arabidopsis genome. Some SPL genes are constitutively expressed, while transcriptional activity of others is under developmental control. Based on phylogenetic reconstruction, gene structure and expression patterns, they can be divided into subfamilies. In addition to the Arabidopsis SPL genes, we isolated and determined the sequences of three SBP-box genes from Antirrhinum majus and seven from Zea mays.

Protein Name
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Gene Locus Synonym/
Gene Name
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ScSBP1 SCACLR1126A02.g View in Browser
ScSBP2 SCBFSB1048A12.g View in Browser
ScSBP4 SCCCFL1003C01.g View in Browser
ScSBP5 SCCCFL3001F03.g View in Browser
ScSBP6 SCCCLR1069E11.g View in Browser
ScSBP7 SCEQRT1030A02.g View in Browser
ScSBP8 SCEZLB1008D09.g View in Browser
ScSBP9 SCJFAM1067C06.g View in Browser
ScSBP10 SCQGLR1062D05.g View in Browser
ScSBP11 SCRFAD1023F12.g View in Browser
ScSBP12 SCUTLR1037G08.g View in Browser
ScSBP13 SCUTST3130A02.g View in Browser
ScSBP14 SCVPFL1135A11.g View in Browser
ScSBP16 PTSo00985.1 View in Browser
ScSBP17 PTSo00986.1 View in Browser
ScSBP19 SCRLAM1005E03.g View in Browser