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Brassinosteroid (BR) homeostasis and signaling are crucial for normal growth and development of plants. BR signaling through cell-surface receptor kinases and intracellular components leads to dephosphorylation and accumulation of the nuclear protein BZR1. How BR signaling regulates gene expression, however, remains unknown. Here we show that BZR1 is a transcriptional repressor that has a previously unknown DNA binding domain and binds directly to the promoters of feedback-regulated BR biosynthetic genes. Microarray analyses identified additional potential targets of BZR1 and illustrated, together with physiological studies, that BZR1 coordinates BR homeostasis and signaling by playing dual roles in regulating BR biosynthesis and downstream growth responses.

Protein Name
accepted / suggested
Gene Locus Synonym/
Gene Name
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ScBZR1 PTSo00262.1 View in Browser
ScBZR2 PTSo00263.1 View in Browser
ScBZR3 PTSo00264.1 View in Browser
ScBZR4 PTSo00261.1 View in Browser
ScBZR5 SCCCRZ1002G10.g View in Browser
ScBZR6 SCVPRZ2043G09.g View in Browser
ScBZR7 SCSGHR1070C04.g View in Browser
ScBZR8 SCEQRT2026B09.g View in Browser
ScBZR9 SCJFSB1012B12.b View in Browser
ScBZR10 SCBFAD1093B10.g View in Browser
ScBZR11 SCAGLR2011C10.g View in Browser