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GRASSIUS provides a public web resource composed by a collection of databases, computational and experimental resources that relate to the control of gene expression in the grasses, and their relationship with agronomic traits. As knowledge on the interactions of transcription factors (TFs) and cis-regulatory elements in the promoters of the genes that they regulate continues to accumulate, the information is acquired by GRASSIUS, either through contributions by the community, or by literature analysis. The overarching objective of GRASSIUS is to provide a "one-stop" resource that will facilitate research and communication within the plant community with regards to genome-wide regulation of gene expression processes.

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Recent News

Design of Knowledge Bases for Plant Gene Regulatory Networks
Mukundi E, Gomez-Cano F, Ouma WZ, Grotewold E. Methods Mol Biol. 1629:207-223.


A Maize Gene Regulatory Network for Phenolic Metabolism
Yang F, Li W, Jiang N, Yu H, Morohashi K, Ouma WZ, Morales-Mantilla DE, Gomez-Cano FA, Mukundi E, Prada-Salcedo LD, Velazquez RA, Valentin J, Mejía-Guerra MK, Gray J, Doseff AI, Grotewold E. Mol Plant. 10(3):498-515.


Establishing the Architecture of Plant Gene Regulatory NetworksS
Yang F, Ouma WZ, Li W, Doseff AI, Grotewold E. Methods Enzymol. 576:251-304.


The Maize TFome - Development of a transcription factor open reading frame collection for functional genomics
Burdo B, Gray J, Goetting-minesky MP, et al. Plant J. 80(2):356-366. Grassius TFome Collection.


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