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Many light-responsive promoters contain GATA motifs and a number of nuclear proteins have been defined that interact with these elements. Type-IV zinc-finger proteins have been extensively characterised in animals and fungi and are referred to as GATA factors by virtue of their affinity for promoter elements containing this sequence. We previously identified cDNA sequences representing four Arabidopsis thaliana type-TV zinc-finger proteins. Here we define the organisation and expression of GATA-1 GATA-2 GATA-3 and GATA-4 as well as DNA-binding characteristics of their encoded proteins. Transcripts from all four genes can be detected in all tissues examined suggesting that they are not developmentally regulated at the level of transcription. In vitro binding experiments with Escherichia coli-derived recombinant proteins were performed using motifs previously defined as targets for nuclear GATA-binding proteins. These studies reveal differences in DNA binding specificity of GATA-1 as compared to the other three proteins. In vivo protein-DNA interactions monitored by yeast one-hybrid assays reveal different binding characteristics as compared to those defined with E. coli-derived recombinant protein. Trans-activation of gene expression by the four Arabidopsis proteins via some but not all DNA elements tested indicates that the Arabidopsis proteins can form functional interactions with previously defined promoter elements containing GATA motifs. We conclude that the Arabidopsis type-IV zinc-finger proteins may represent the previously defined family of nuclear GATA-binding proteins implicated in light-responsive transcription.

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ScGATA1 PTSo00286.1 View in Browser
ScGATA2 PTSo00285.1 View in Browser
ScGATA3 SCRFLR2038B03.g View in Browser
ScGATA4 SCSGHR1072F11.g View in Browser
ScGATA5 SCJLLR1106D03.g View in Browser
ScGATA6 SCCCCL3120G09.g View in Browser
ScGATA8 SCBGLR1023D10.g View in Browser
ScZIM33 PTSo01082.1 View in Browser
ScGATA10 SCUTFL1058H11.g View in Browser
ScGATA11 SCVPLR2012G10.g View in Browser
ScGATA13 SCUTRZ3106F10.g View in Browser
ScGATA14 SCCCRZ2001C02.g View in Browser
ScGATA16 SCJFLR1035C07.g View in Browser