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Lateral organs produced by shoot apical and flower meristems exhibit a fundamental abaxial-adaxial asymmetry. We describe three members of the YABBY gene family FILAMENTOUS FLOWER YABBY2 and YABBY3 isolated on the basis of homology to CRABS CLAW. Each of these genes is expressed in a polar manner in all lateral organ primordia produced from the apical and flower meristems. The expression of these genes is precisely correlated with abaxial cell fate in mutants in which abaxial cell fates are found ectopically reduced or eliminated. Ectopic expression of either FILAMENTOUS FLOWER or YABBY3 is sufficient to specify the development of ectopic abaxial tissues in lateral organs. Conversely loss of polar expression of these two genes results in a loss of polar differentiation of tissues in lateral organs. Taken together these observations indicate that members of this gene family are responsible for the specification of abaxial cell fate in lateral organs of Arabidopsis. Furthermore ectopic expression studies suggest that ubiquitous abaxial cell fate and maintenance of a functional apical meristem are incompatible.

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SbYAB1 Sb01g013270 View in Browser
SbYAB2 Sb01g017560 View in Browser
SbYAB3 Sb01g042850 View in Browser
SbYAB4 Sb02g003390 View in Browser
SbYAB5 Sb02g036940 View in Browser
SbYAB6 Sb04g033590 View in Browser
SbYAB7 Sb06g023770 View in Browser
SbYAB8 Sb08g022030 View in Browser