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The CCAAT motif is found in the promoters of many eukaryotic genes. In yeast a single complex of three proteins termed HAP2 HAP3 and HAP5 binds to this sequence and in mammals the three components of the equivalent complex (called variously NF-Y CBF or CP1) are also represented by single genes. Here we report the presence of multiple genes for each of the components of the CCAAT-binding complex HAP2 35 from Arabidopsis. Three independent Arabidopsis HAP subunit 2 (AtHAP2) cDNAs were cloned by functional complementation of a yeast hap2 mutant and two independent forms each of AtHAP3 and AtHAP5 cDNAs were detected in the expressed sequence tag database. Additional homologs (two of AtHAP3 and one of AtHAP5) have been identified from available Arabidopsis genomic sequences. Northern-blot analysis indicated ubiquitous expression for each AtHAP2 and AtHAP5 cDNA in a range of tissues whereas expression of each AtHAP3 cDNA was under developmental and/or environmental regulation. The unexpected presence of multiple forms of each HAP homolog in Arabidopsis compared with the single genes in yeast and vertebrates suggests that the HAP235 complex may play diverse roles in gene transcription in higher plants.

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OsCA2P1 LOC_Os02g53620 View in Browser
OsCA2P2 LOC_Os03g07880 View in Browser
OsCA2P3 LOC_Os03g29760 View in Browser
OsCA2P4 LOC_Os03g44540 View in Browser
OsCA2P5 LOC_Os03g48970 View in Browser
OsCA2P6 LOC_Os07g06470 View in Browser
OsCA2P7 LOC_Os07g41720 View in Browser
OsCA2P8 LOC_Os08g09690 View in Browser
OsCA2P9 LOC_Os10g25850 View in Browser
OsCA2P10 LOC_Os12g41880 View in Browser
OsCA2P11 LOC_Os12g42400 View in Browser