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The completion of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome sequence allows a comparative analysis of transcriptional regulators across the three eukaryotic kingdoms. Arabidopsis dedicates over 5% of its genome to code for more than 1500 transcription factors, about 45% of which are from families specific to plants. Arabidopsis transcription factors that belong to families common to all eukaryotes do not share significant similarity with those of the other kingdoms beyond the conserved DNA binding domains, many of which have been arranged in combinations specific to each lineage. The genome-wide comparison reveals the evolutionary generation of diversity in the regulation of transcription.

Protein Name
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Gene Locus Synonym/
Gene Name
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ScCPP1 PTSo00437.1 View in Browser
ScCPP2 PTSo00438.1 View in Browser
ScCPP3 PTSo00440.1 View in Browser
ScCPP4 PTSo00436.1 View in Browser
ScCPP5 PTSo00443.1 View in Browser
ScCPP6 PTSo00439.1 View in Browser
ScCPP7 PTSo00441.1 View in Browser
ScCPP8 PTSo00444.1 View in Browser
ScCPP9 PTSo00442.1 View in Browser
ScCPP10 SCACSB1125H12.g View in Browser
ScCPP11 SCCCLR1068F02.g View in Browser
ScCPP14 SCEZLR1009B04.g View in Browser
ScCPP15 SCBFLR1039G11.g View in Browser