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E2F/DP complexes play a pivotal role in the regulation of the G1/S transition in animals. Recently, plant E2F homologs have been cloned, but DP-related sequences have not been identified so far. Here we report that Arabidopsis thaliana contains at least two different DP-related genes, AtDPa and AtDPb. They exhibit an overall domain organization similar to that of their animal counterparts, although phylogenetic analysis demonstrated that they form a separate subgroup. AtDPs efficiently heterodimerize in vitro with the Arabidopsis E2F-related proteins, AtE2Fa and AtE2Fb through their dimerization domains. AtDPa and AtE2Fa are predominantly produced in actively dividing cells with highest transcript levels in early S phase cells.

Protein Name
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Gene Name
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OsE2F1 LOC_Os01g48700 View in Browser
OsE2F2 LOC_Os02g33430 pUT1329 View in Browser
OsE2F3 LOC_Os02g50630 View in Browser
OsE2F4 LOC_Os03g05760 View in Browser
OsE2F5 LOC_Os04g02140 View in Browser
OsE2F6 LOC_Os04g33950 View in Browser
OsE2F7 LOC_Os06g13670 View in Browser
OsE2F8 LOC_Os10g30420 View in Browser
OsE2F9 LOC_Os12g06200 View in Browser