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E2F/DP complexes play a pivotal role in the regulation of the G1/S transition in animals. Recently, plant E2F homologs have been cloned, but DP-related sequences have not been identified so far. Here we report that Arabidopsis thaliana contains at least two different DP-related genes, AtDPa and AtDPb. They exhibit an overall domain organization similar to that of their animal counterparts, although phylogenetic analysis demonstrated that they form a separate subgroup. AtDPs efficiently heterodimerize in vitro with the Arabidopsis E2F-related proteins, AtE2Fa and AtE2Fb through their dimerization domains. AtDPa and AtE2Fa are predominantly produced in actively dividing cells with highest transcript levels in early S phase cells.

Protein Name
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ScE2F1 SCBFRT1065D08.g View in Browser
ScE2F2 SCCCFL5093H10.g View in Browser
ScE2F3 SCCCLB1002B01.g View in Browser
ScE2F4 SCCCLR1076E11.g View in Browser
ScE2F5 PTSo00447.1 View in Browser
ScE2F6 SCRLAM1006A02.g View in Browser
ScE2F7 SCAGFL8042E07.g View in Browser