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Plant AT-rich sequence- and zinc-binding protein 1 (PLATZ1), is the first member to be isolated of a class of zinc dependent DNA binding proteins. PLATZ1 was isolated from pea cDNA and has significant homology to several predicted proteins from the genomes of other plants, that yet remain uncharacterized. Multiple alignments among these paralogous proteins show that several cysteine and histidine residues are invariant in two distant regions on the protein, C-x(2)-H-x(11)-C-x(2)-C-x((4-5))-C-x(2)-C-x((3-7))-H-x(2)-H and C-x(2)-C-x((10-11))-C-x(3)-C. Both regions have been described to be necessary for zinc-dependent DNA binding. PLATZ1 has been shown to nonspecifically bind AT-rich sequences, and is thought to repress transcription of AT-rich sequences (PMID:11600698).

Protein Name
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Gene Name
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ZmPLATZ1 GRMZM2G408887 PLATZ1 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ2 GRMZM2G311656 PLATZ2 pUT4164 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ3 GRMZM2G094168 PLATZ3 pUT5570 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ4 GRMZM2G171934 PLATZ4 pUT6302 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ5 GRMZM2G131280 PLATZ5 pUT6285 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ6 GRMZM2G342691 PLATZ6 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ7 GRMZM2G091044 PLATZ7 pUT6656 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ8 GRMZM2G017882 PLATZ8 pUT6783 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ9 GRMZM2G070295 PLATZ9 pUT6655 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ10 GRMZM2G323553 PLATZ10 pUT4170 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ11 GRMZM2G004548 PLATZ11 pUT5656 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ12 GRMZM2G006585 FL3 pUT1109 , pUT3024 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ13 GRMZM2G093270 PLATZ13 pUT6766 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ14 GRMZM2G077495 PLATZ14 View in Browser
ZmPLATZ15 GRMZM2G086403 PLATZ15 pUT1105 , pUT1760 View in Browser