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Required cell differentiation 1 (RDC1) protein was initially defined to be essential for sex differentiation during nitrogen starvation in yeast. It encodes a 283 amino acid protein with no particular motifs (PMID:9447985). RCD1-like proteins have been identified in all branches of eukaryotes, suggesting an evolutionarily conserved sexual differentiation mechanism.

Protein Name
accepted / suggested
Gene Locus Synonym/
Gene Name
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ZmRcd1L1 AC191251.3_FG005 pUT5555 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L2 AC198699.3_FG004 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L3 GRMZM2G036634 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L4 GRMZM2G045331 pUT5782 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L5 GRMZM2G088096 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L6 GRMZM2G310944 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L7 GRMZM2G356897 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L8 GRMZM2G383215 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L9 GRMZM2G386923 View in Browser
ZmRcd1L10 GRMZM5G870753 View in Browser