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The Arabidopsis thaliana SPL gene family represents a group of structurally diverse genes encoding putative transcription factors found apparently only in plants. The distinguishing characteristic of the SPL gene family is the SBP-box encoding a conserved protein domain of 76 amino acids in length, the SBP-domain, which is responsible for the interaction with DNA. We present here characterisation of 12 members of the SPL gene family. These genes show highly diverse genomic organisations and are found scattered over the Arabidopsis genome. Some SPL genes are constitutively expressed, while transcriptional activity of others is under developmental control. Based on phylogenetic reconstruction, gene structure and expression patterns, they can be divided into subfamilies. In addition to the Arabidopsis SPL genes, we isolated and determined the sequences of three SBP-box genes from Antirrhinum majus and seven from Zea mays.

Protein Name
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Gene Locus Synonym/
Gene Name
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LOC_Os11g30370 View in Browser
OsSBP1 LOC_Os01g18850 View in Browser
OsSBP2 LOC_Os01g69830 View in Browser
OsSBP3 LOC_Os02g04680 View in Browser
OsSBP4 LOC_Os02g07780 pUT1190 View in Browser
OsSBP5 LOC_Os02g08070 View in Browser
OsSBP6 LOC_Os03g61760 View in Browser
OsSBP7 LOC_Os04g46580 View in Browser
OsSBP8 LOC_Os04g56170 View in Browser
OsSBP9 LOC_Os05g33810 View in Browser
OsSBP10 LOC_Os06g44860 View in Browser
OsSBP11 LOC_Os06g45310 View in Browser
OsSBP12 LOC_Os06g49010 View in Browser
OsSBP13 LOC_Os07g32170 View in Browser
OsSBP14 LOC_Os08g39890 View in Browser
OsSBP15 LOC_Os08g40260 View in Browser
OsSBP16 LOC_Os08g41940 View in Browser
OsSBP17 LOC_Os09g31438 View in Browser
OsSBP18 LOC_Os09g32944 View in Browser