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SHORTINTERNODE/STYLISH proteins are a highly redundant family of transcriptional activators targeting genes that mediate auxin biosynthesis. AtSTY1 interacts with a promoter element ACTCTA(C/A) in several genes related to auxin biosynthesis, YUC4, YUC8, ORCA3, and ORA59. Arabidopsis thaliana has nine members of the SHI/STY family that have a 43-amino acid RING-like zinc finger domain, and a more C-terminal domain, similar in size, the IGGH domain, which is responsible for intrafamily homo/hetero-dimerization that may be necessary for some of the proteins' functions (PMID:20154152).

Protein Name
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Gene Locus Synonym/
Gene Name
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ZmSRS1 GRMZM2G042407 SRS1 pUT5578 View in Browser
ZmSRS2 GRMZM2G080295 SRS2 pUT4622 View in Browser
ZmSRS3 GRMZM2G017606 SRS3 View in Browser
ZmSRS4 GRMZM2G097683 SRS4 View in Browser
ZmSRS5 GRMZM2G108798 SRS5 View in Browser
ZmSRS6 GRMZM2G450459 SRS6 View in Browser
ZmSRS7 GRMZM2G135783 SRS7 pUT5669 View in Browser
ZmSRS8 GRMZM2G179021 SRS8 pUT4623 View in Browser
ZmSRS9 GRMZM2G077752 LRP1 pUT1767 View in Browser