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The cycloidea (cyc) and teosinte branched 1 (tb1) genes code for structurally related proteins implicated in the evolution of key morphological traits. However, the biochemical function of CYC and TB1 proteins remains to be demonstrated. To address this problem, we have analysed the predicted secondary structure of regions conserved between CYC and TB1, and looked for related proteins of known function. One of the conserved regions is predicted to form a non-canonical basic-Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLP) structure. This domain is also found in two rice DNA-binding proteins, PCF1 and PCF2, where it has been shown to be involved in DNA-binding and dimerization. This indicates that the conserved domain most probably defines a new family of transcription factors, which we have termed the TCP family after its first characterised members (TB1, CYC and PCFs). Other plant proteins of unknown function also belong to this family. We have studied two of these in Arabidopsis and have shown that they are expressed in rapidly growing floral primordia. This, together with the proposed involvement of cyc and tb1 in influencing meristem growth, suggests that many members of the TCP family may affect cell division. Some of these genes may have been recruited during plant evolution to generate new morphological traits.

Protein Name
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Gene Name
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SbTCP1 Sb01g006020 View in Browser
SbTCP2 Sb01g010690 View in Browser
SbTCP3 Sb02g003070 View in Browser
SbTCP4 Sb02g013020 View in Browser
SbTCP5 Sb02g024450 View in Browser
SbTCP6 Sb02g030260 View in Browser
SbTCP7 Sb03g001940 View in Browser
SbTCP8 Sb03g013360 View in Browser
SbTCP9 Sb03g019411 View in Browser
SbTCP10 Sb03g019510 View in Browser
SbTCP11 Sb03g034918 View in Browser
SbTCP12 Sb03g035350 View in Browser
SbTCP13 Sb03g044320 View in Browser
SbTCP14 Sb04g026970 View in Browser
SbTCP15 Sb04g027960 View in Browser
SbTCP16 Sb04g038140 View in Browser
SbTCP17 Sb05g004800 View in Browser
SbTCP18 Sb06g002260 View in Browser
SbTCP19 Sb06g016340 View in Browser
SbTCP20 Sb06g023130 View in Browser
SbTCP21 Sb07g021140 View in Browser
SbTCP22 Sb08g004600 View in Browser
SbTCP23 Sb08g004610 View in Browser
SbTCP24 Sb08g019710 View in Browser
SbTCP25 Sb08g021690 View in Browser
SbTCP26 Sb08g021725 View in Browser
SbTCP27 Sb09g025340 View in Browser
SbTCP28 Sb10g008030 View in Browser