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The small genome of Arabidopsis contains at least nine expressed beta-tubulin (TUB) genes, in contrast to the large genomes of vertebrate animals, which contain a maximum of seven expressed beta-tubulin genes. In this study, we report the structures of seven new TUB genes (TUB2, TUB3, TUB5, TUB6, TUB7, TUB8, and TUB9) of Arabidopsis. The sequences of TUB1 and TUB4 had been reported previously. Sequence similarities and unique structural features suggest that the nine TUB genes evolved by way of three branches in the plant beta-tubulin gene evolutionary tree. Two genes (TUB2 and TUB3) encode the same beta-tubulin isoform; thus, the nine genes predict eight different beta-tubulins. In contrast to the alpha-tubulin (TUA) genes with their divergent intron patterns, all nine TUB genes contain 2 introns at conserved positions. Noncoding 3' gene-specific hybridization probes have been constructed for all nine TUB genes and used in RNA gel blot analyses to demonstrate that all nine genes are transcribed. Two-dimensional protein immunoblot analyses have resolved at least seven different beta-tubulin isoforms in Arabidopsis, indicating that most, if not all, of the TUB transcripts are translated.

Protein Name
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ScTLP1 PTSo01012.1 View in Browser
ScTLP2 PTSo01013.1 View in Browser
ScTLP3 PTSo01017.1 View in Browser
ScTLP4 PTSo00992.1 View in Browser
ScTLP5 PTSo01011.1 View in Browser
ScTLP6 PTSo01007.1 View in Browser
ScTLP7 PTSo00999.1 View in Browser
ScTLP8 PTSo00994.1 View in Browser
ScTLP9 PTSo01024.1 View in Browser
ScTUB1 SCCCCL3001G03.g View in Browser
ScTUB2 SCCCCL4001D08.g View in Browser
ScTUB3 SCEZLB1007H01.g View in Browser
ScTUB4 SCEZRZ1016C02.g View in Browser
ScTUB5 SCJFLR1073E10.g View in Browser
ScTUB6 SCJFRT2060G09.g View in Browser
ScTUB7 SCJFRZ2032E09.g View in Browser
ScTUB8 SCJFST1017B02.g View in Browser
ScTUB9 SCQGRT1042C12.g View in Browser
ScTLP10 PTSo01018.1 View in Browser
ScTLP11 PTSo01009.1 View in Browser
ScTLP12 PTSo01023.1 View in Browser
ScTLP13 PTSo01008.1 View in Browser
ScTLP14 PTSo01021.1 View in Browser
ScTUB13 SCQGFL3058A02.g View in Browser
ScTUB14 SCJFAM1065C07.b View in Browser
ScTUB15 SCBGST3111F08.g View in Browser
ScTUB16 SCVPAM1059D02.g View in Browser
ScTUB17 SCACLV1022E05.g View in Browser
ScTUB18 SCSBSB1095F11.g View in Browser