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GT-2 is a plant transcriptional activator that contains two separate, but similar, trihelix DNA-binding domains. GT-1 is similar to GT-2, although it contains only one of such domains. cDNAs that encode GT-2 were isolated from rice (OS-GT2) and Arabidopsis (AT-GT2). Evidence is presented for the existence of an Arabidopsis gene family that is structurally related to AT-GT2. Two members of this GT2-like family, AT-GTL1 and AT-GTL2, have been isolated and characterized. Their sequences suggest that they evolved by a recent gene duplication event. Both AT-GT2 and AT-GTL genes contain an intron in the amino-terminal trihelix motif, indicating that this DNA-binding domain resulted from exon shuffling. RNA gel blot analysis using AT-GTL1 as a probe revealed four transcripts in the aerial part of the plant. All mRNA levels were significantly higher in siliques, suggesting that this gene family may function in fruit and/or seed development. To date, DNA-binding proteins characterized by the trihelix motif have been described only in plants, and may therefore be involved in plant-specific processes. Our results show that in Arabidopsis thaliana, the trihelix motif is not restricted to the GT-1 and GT-2 DNA-binding proteins.

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OsTHX1 LOC_Os01g48320 View in Browser
OsTHX2 LOC_Os01g52090 View in Browser
OsTHX4 LOC_Os02g01380 View in Browser
OsTHX5 LOC_Os02g33610 View in Browser
OsTHX6 LOC_Os02g35690 View in Browser
OsTHX7 LOC_Os02g43300 View in Browser
OsTHX8 LOC_Os03g02240 View in Browser
OsTHX9 LOC_Os03g18330 View in Browser
OsTHX11 LOC_Os04g36790 View in Browser
OsTHX12 LOC_Os04g40930 View in Browser
OsTHX13 LOC_Os04g45750 View in Browser
OsTHX14 LOC_Os04g51320 View in Browser
OsTHX15 LOC_Os05g03740 View in Browser
OsTHX16 LOC_Os05g48690 View in Browser
OsTHX17 LOC_Os08g37810 View in Browser
OsTHX19 LOC_Os10g37240 View in Browser
OsTHX20 LOC_Os10g41460 View in Browser