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GT-2 is a plant transcriptional activator that contains two separate, but similar, trihelix DNA-binding domains. GT-1 is similar to GT-2, although it contains only one of such domains. cDNAs that encode GT-2 were isolated from rice (OS-GT2) and Arabidopsis (AT-GT2). Evidence is presented for the existence of an Arabidopsis gene family that is structurally related to AT-GT2. Two members of this GT2-like family, AT-GTL1 and AT-GTL2, have been isolated and characterized. Their sequences suggest that they evolved by a recent gene duplication event. Both AT-GT2 and AT-GTL genes contain an intron in the amino-terminal trihelix motif, indicating that this DNA-binding domain resulted from exon shuffling. RNA gel blot analysis using AT-GTL1 as a probe revealed four transcripts in the aerial part of the plant. All mRNA levels were significantly higher in siliques, suggesting that this gene family may function in fruit and/or seed development. To date, DNA-binding proteins characterized by the trihelix motif have been described only in plants, and may therefore be involved in plant-specific processes. Our results show that in Arabidopsis thaliana, the trihelix motif is not restricted to the GT-1 and GT-2 DNA-binding proteins.

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SbTHX1 Sb01g017120 View in Browser
SbTHX2 Sb01g028790 View in Browser
SbTHX3 Sb01g038330 View in Browser
SbTHX4 Sb01g049740 View in Browser
SbTHX5 Sb03g030880 View in Browser
SbTHX6 Sb03g033020 View in Browser
SbTHX7 Sb04g000520 View in Browser
SbTHX8 Sb04g005900 View in Browser
SbTHX9 Sb04g005902 View in Browser
SbTHX10 Sb04g023340 View in Browser
SbTHX11 Sb04g033390 View in Browser
SbTHX12 Sb06g015280 View in Browser
SbTHX13 Sb06g017920 View in Browser
SbTHX14 Sb06g020670 View in Browser
SbTHX15 Sb06g023980 View in Browser
SbTHX16 Sb06g027540 View in Browser
SbTHX17 Sb07g029070 View in Browser
SbTHX18 Sb09g002370 View in Browser
SbTHX19 Sb09g028350 View in Browser