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ZF-HD proteins are a subfamily of Homeodomain proteins, consisting of 14 members in Arabidopsis. Most of these proteins do not contain an intrinsic activation domain, suggesting that interactions with other factors are required for transcriptional activation. In Arabidopsis, the family members are all expressed predominantly or exclusively in floral tissue, suggesting a regulatory role in floral development (PMID:16428600).

Protein Name
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Gene Locus Synonym/
Gene Name
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ScZHD1 SCJFRT2060G04.g View in Browser
ScZHD2 SCCCLR2C03E09.g View in Browser
ScZHD3 SCJLHR1029E10.g View in Browser
ScZHD4 SCQSST3116C10.g View in Browser
ScZHD5 SCEZAM1083H04.g View in Browser
ScZHD6 SCCCLR1C08C11.g View in Browser