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GRASSIUS Publications

A Maize Gene Regulatory Network for Phenolic Metabolism
Fan Yang, Wei Li, Nan Jiang, Haidong Yu, Kengo Morohashi, Wilberforce Zachary Ouma, Daniel E. Morales-Mantilla, Fabio Andres Gomez-Cano, Eric Mukundi, Luis Daniel Prada-Salcedo, Roberto Alers Velazquez, Jasmin Valentin, Maria Katherine Mejía-Guerra, John Gray, Andrea I. Doseff, ErichGrotewold
Molecular Plant. 10(3): 498-515. [Full Text] [PDF]

A Recommendation for Naming Transcription Factor Proteins in the Grasses
John Gray, Michael Bevan, Thomas Brutnell, C. Robin Buell, Karen Cone, Sarah Hake, David Jackson, Elizabeth Kellogg, Carolyn Lawrence, Susan McCouch, Todd Mockler, Stephen Moose, Andrew Paterson, Thomas Peterson, Daniel Rokshar, Glaucia Mendes Souza, Nathan Springer, Nils Stein, Marja Timmermans, Guo-Liang Wang, and Erich Grotewold
Plant Physiol. 2009 149: 4-6. [Full Text] [PDF]

GRASSIUS: A Platform for Comparative Regulatory Genomics across the Grasses
Alper Yilmaz, Milton Y. Nishiyama, Jr., Bernardo Garcia Fuentes, Glaucia Mendes Souza, Daniel Janies, John Gray, and Erich Grotewold
Plant Physiol. 2009 149: 171-180. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Supplemental Data]

Plant Transcription Factor Databases


The Plant Transcription Factor Database (PlantTFDB) is a comprehensive plant transcription factor (TF) database including about 20 species.


PlnTFDB (3.0) is a public database arising from efforts to identify and catalogue all Plant genes involved in transcriptional control.

Maize Links


MaizeGDB is the community database for biological information about the crop plant Zea mays ssp. mays. Genetic, genomic, sequence, gene product, functional characterization, literature reference, and person/organization contact information are among the datatypes accessible through this site.

The Maize Full Length cDNA Project

This project uses genomics tools to understand a fundamental biological process through identificaion of genes expressed during maize reproduction and in somatic tissues responding to abiotic perturbations such as heat, cold, salt, UV-B, drought, and lack of light.

Maize Genetics Nomenclature Committee

Rice Links

TIGR Rice Genome

The TIGR Rice Genome Annotation Database and Resource is a National Science Foundation project and provides sequence and annotation data for the rice genome.


RiceTFDB is a public database arising from efforts to identify and catalogue all Oryza sativa genes involved in transcriptional control.

Sugarcane Links


The SUCEST-FUN Project aims to associate function to the genes identified by the Sugarcane EST Project (SUCEST). With this purpose several groups have joined efforts to study the sugarcane transcriptome

Sorghum Links

Sorghum genome at Phytozome

Sorghum genome browser, BLAST and download Sorghum bicolor sequences.

Comparative Genomic Resources


The Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Information Server (AGRIS) is a information resource for Arabidopsis promoter sequences, transcription factors and their target genes.