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The first trihelix gene to be discovered was the GT-1 transcription factor in pea (Green et al., 1987). This TF was found to bind to two photosensitive “GT” sequences conserved in the promoters of the light-induced pea rbcS family members, namely box II (-151 to -138; GTGTGGTTAATATG) and box III (-125 to -114; ATCATTTTCACT) (Cuozzo-Davis et al., 1990). The GT-1 protein was found to contain a helix–loop–helix–loop–helix structural domain (GT1, cd12203) and this region closely resembles the myb domain, but with longer helices. GT-2 is a plant transcriptional activator from rice that contains two separate, but similar, trihelix DNA-binding domains (Dehesh et al., 1990). These proteins are members of the larger SANT/myb superfamily. SANT is named after 'SWI3, ADA2, N-CoR and TFIIIB', which are several factors that share this domain (Maréchal et al., 1999). Trihelix family members are usually divided into 5 or 6 subfamilies (GT-1, GT-2, SH4, GTγ, SIP1, and GTδ) (Liu et al., 2020, Li et al., 2021).

Although gene members across the entire trihelix family participate in plant developmental programmes and light response, some GT factors are also involved in the basic resistance of plants to abiotic stresses, especially salt tolerance (Qin et al., 2015, Yang et al., 2023). Genomic studies have revealed 30 members of this family in Arabidopsis (Kaplan-Levy et al., 2012)

In maize, the ZmThx20 gene is required for kernel development. A natural mutation that causes abnormal kernel development, and displays a shrunken kernel phenotype was identified (named "shrunken 2008” (sh2008). In this mutant the starch grains are loose and have a less proteinaceous matrix surrounding them. The underlying gene was coned and found to encode a GT-1 type trihelix family member (Li et al., 2021). Another maize THX family member named ZmGT-3b has been implicated in the coordination of metabolism during growth-defense trade-off by optimizing the temporal and spatial expression of photosynthesis- and defense-related genes (Zhang et al., 2021).

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