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Maize TFome Collection

GRASSIUS will serve as a portal for access to the Grasses Transcription Factor ORFome collection, currently under development. This aspect of the project involves a very significant educational component, as part of the F.I.R.E. undergraduate education program at the University of Toledo (OH).
If you have an interest in control of gene expression in the grasses, and would like your favorite transcription factor to be included in the ORFome collection, or have antibodies that eventually you would like to use in chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiments, we would very much like to hear from you.
You can download a spreadsheet of the entire collection here: First release of the maize TFome bulk data download

Maize TFome Available

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Clone Name TFome Name Gene Id[MaizeGDB] Genome Browser
pUT6598 ZmOrphan93 GRMZM2G154149 View in Browser
pUT6599 ZmOrphan254 GRMZM2G169782 View in Browser
pUT6608 ZmOrphan353 GRMZM2G067053 View in Browser
pUT6610 ZmOrphan80 GRMZM5G812926 View in Browser
pUT6601 ZmALF13 GRMZM2G080917 View in Browser
pUT6505 ZmMYBR21 GRMZM2G079458 View in Browser
pUT6506 ZmEREB101 GRMZM2G003466 View in Browser
pUT6507 ZmALF4 GRMZM2G153087 View in Browser
pUT6509 ZmEREB160 GRMZM2G171179 View in Browser
pUT5788 ZmMYBR97 GRMZM2G057955 View in Browser
pUT5789 ZmEREB109 GRMZM2G141679 View in Browser
pUT5790 ZmEREB46 GRMZM2G085678 View in Browser
pUT5791 ZmEREB11 GRMZM5G862109 View in Browser
pUT6622 ZmALF19 GRMZM2G047316 View in Browser
pUT6437 ZmMADS39 GRMZM2G055782 View in Browser

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